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We created this space for ConsultXperts Consultants as a way to interact in a more dynamic and meaningful way; it’s a space dedicated and designed with you in mind.

With over 500 ConsultXperts consultants, we wanted a way for all of us to feel a little closer to one another.

By offering different opportunities for you to get involved, we hope we can more easily stay connected. As a team, our main objective is to provide a variety of different types of support to our ConsultXperts Consultants–everything from initial onboarding into our network to training and development aimed at further enhancing your offering as a freelancer. We especially enjoy connecting with consultants to better understand how to assist in your continued success as a Consultant.

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Creating a Winning Value Proposition - 15 March, 2022

Join us for an interactive session on the 15th of March where we’ll drill down into your value proposition.  The problems you solve for your clients.  And the outcomes they get.  You’ll understand what your clients really want – in terms of both tangible and emotional outcomes allowing you to effectively communicate your value proposition.

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