You know how critical it is to get gigs and maintain a healthy pipeline of potential clients and opportunities if you are a freelancer. It is no secret that freelance output relies on two main variables: high demand for freelance services and low competition. As the freelance market is becoming more and more dynamic during the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals must search for new alternative ways to get more freelance gigs.

Here are some ideas to help you land the next project and keep the business going in 2021:

Show Your Stuff

Make sure your profile on social media is up-to-date and packed with all your experiences and skills essential for the type of work you are looking for. Your social media presence and profiles are the first and critical step for personal branding, marketing, and visibility. 

Keeping basic SEO necessities like the use of relevant keywords in mind is also very important for freelancers to increase visibility. In your description, title and marks, make sure to include phrases such as “freelance web designer” or “independent contractor and graphic designer.” Based on your primary skills and preferred client base, you will need to be readily searchable. So, make sure you include those skills that drive your sales stream.

Think of it as promotional activity or an advertisement for your skills, and make sure you still provide your value proposition to potential clients. Your bio should bring prospective clients in and make people interested and want to recruit you. There is nothing wrong with boasting a little about your handwork. 

Bring Others to Vouch for You

Receive suggestions! Employers want to know that you are dedicated to what you do, and that’s what makes you great. When they see six other individuals singing your praises and showing how wonderful it is to work with you, organizations are much more likely to recruit you.  

Start writing suggestions for others, and in return, ask friends, colleagues, or former clients to reply and never think that it is too late to ask. Even if you moved out of a team or quit collaborating with an agency months or even years ago, it’s okay to reach out, reconnect and ask for a recommendation on social networking sites. Try offering some feedback on what you would like your advice to suggest if it has been a long time. It never hurts to help jog someone’s memory when it comes to the outstanding work you’ve done for them in the past. 


The New York Times states “65% of new clients and businesses come from referrals.”

It is no secret that the majority of freelancers live by referrals, and it is quite easy to understand ‘why’. Referrals create an immediate sense of trust and understanding, and new clients already feel safer depending on you if you are recommended by someone they know. 

Hence, they are the most significant assets in your network. Word of mouth referrals can go a long way for experts to find new gigs from diverse work backgrounds. So, You need to prove that your skillset is extensive and can satisfy all the needs of a client. 

But the important thing isn’t just one-on-one networking. It can just be as efficient to join groups. Find and get involved with your affinity party. You can enter community conversations, locate work posts, and make crucial ties that will lead down the line to fresh business leads. “Network as much as possible, raise awareness for your skills and experiences.”

Moreover, in the long run, even building and sustaining a strong freelance company comes down to building partnerships, constantly promoting yourself, and leveraging your expanded network to create opportunities. Keep in contact with former employers, classmates, and peers, and don’t be afraid to highlight your abilities and strengths, and ask others to vouch for you. When you proactively set yourself up for success, an opportunity is more likely to come knocking at your door.

Monitor Social Media Websites

Each social media site now has a solid number of followers, which means your clients will be actively searching for social media freelancers to help them increase their brand awareness and gain the best results out of networking technologies. Thus, converting your social media accounts into a professional portfolio that informs visitors about your freelance services is a brilliant idea. In addition, hashtag popularity helps you search out professional hashtags such as #freelancejob or #freelancegigs to find relevant social media posts and easily interact with the right people. You never know when and where you’ll find a new freelance job, after all.

Reach Out to Potential Clients

Being optimistic is one of the most valuable skills any freelancer can have. Take the first step and offer your freelance services to stand out from the crowd of competitors and impress your prospective clients. Companies are always searching for self-motivated individuals who can take initiatives towards their personal growth and assist them in reaching their goals. 

For example, you can search the directory of companies and find their employees’ contact details and get in touch with HR specialists or business owners. 

It is an excellent method if you are proactive. However, keep in mind that you need to draw the interest of potential buyers if you want to earn additional freelance gigs. The best way to do that is to help your future customers move their company with you to the next level.

Here are some suggestions about how to get their attention: 

  • Do the analysis to consider the needs and desires of your future client in advance
  • Demonstrate how you have helped other companies expand
  • Offer free samples/trials or discounts. 
  • Share testimonials from previous clients

Cold pitching is complicated, but when done right, it can give wonderful results. The chances are that if you reach out to potential clients, you can inspire companies to move from in-house workers to freelance employees and, in the process, earn more gigs for yourself.

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