The relevance of Freelancing platforms in 2021

The future of work is here, and it’s freelancing. Since the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic companies have been forced to execute new work initiatives and global businesses have realised that remote or flexible work is the most efficient way forward. More importantly many progressive organisations are rethinking their entire approach for acquiring and utilising talent. This is where the relevance and importance of freelancing platforms come in place.

The right talent in the right place and at the right time is the new equation of success. We are living in a time of unprecedented events, economic uncertainty, technological changes and demographic shifts and if businesses do not change their outlook on how work needs to be done keeping up with all these transformations will become impossible. A research project titled ‘Managing the Future of work’ from Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group states that an adaptable approach to talent where specialised freelancing platforms play a crucial role is the most dynamic force to improve competitive strategy for the future.

In addition to all this after almost a year and a half of remote work employees are reported to be working 2.5 hours longer and due to fewer resources after massive widespread layovers, a stronger reliance on outside help is prevailing (pointing towards experienced freelancers).

Creating ConsultXperts, tailoring our services and differentiating our business model

 Many of these changes were already predicted by talent experts when the COVID19 pandemic started and these also became the reason for creating our platform ConsultXperts. When a lot of well-experienced people lost their jobs during the pandemic in 2020 our founder Jamid Dewani thought it would be a great idea to help these individuals through a specialised platform specifically created to connect businesses to skilled individuals.

The decision for creating a specialised freelancing platform that swiftly assisted organisations and professionals alike while transforming and improving along side the rapid changes unraveling in the business world was pertinent. We carefully looked into two important aspects. First, for companies on-demand work-force models must empower them to find talent for hard-to-fill positions. Second, for highly-skilled, well-experienced professionals platforms and marketplaces founded on such models must provide ways to stay productive and in the workforce while managing their priorities.

Once the platform was launched we experienced an overwhelming response from individuals as we acquired 500 plus experts within a matter of months.

After initially structuring and launching the platform it was of utmost importance to make it suitable and tailored to the needs of employers and experts alike. Freelancing platforms have been around for a few decades now, but the way we search and find work has changed dramatically in recent years. Moreover, the COVID-19’s acceleration of the industry proves that collaborations between companies and freelancers are here to stay and proper operational models for freelancing platforms are paramount.

Two things are obvious, employers want fast, accurate and successful delivery of work and employees want freedom over time. Forbes magazine reports that more than 90% of business leaders believe talent platforms are somewhat or highly important for organisational competitiveness. A qualitative study from Gitlab consisting of global professionals reported that only 1% of people preferred going back to the office in a traditional working environment.

The potential of freelancing platforms has become quite obvious and after the COVID19 transition they have begun revealing their transformative abilities. More sophisticated and adaptable freelancing platforms have come into existence in a very short amount of time due to their necessity. Hence, differentiating our platform was of utmost importance.

We wanted to deliver the highest quality work in the most easiest way possible while providing very personal and customisable services. It became our mission to match employers with the top experts, focusing on reliability and timeliness.

We define ConsultXperts as an online talent marketplace that allows businesses to find and engage top talents for project works predominantly freelancers, independent contractors, and interim executives.

How does the platform work?

For professionals wishing to work independently all that have to do is register and create a free account providing us with their resumes, references, awards and experiences. Shortly after the registration our team of specialists carefully examines all accounts handpicking the most experienced and qualified individuals. We run background checks, conduct interviews and once our vetting process is complete experts complete their profiles with us which act as digital resumes for employers to access.

Our entire screening process takes less than 48 hours.

For employers it is completely free to create an account and post a job. You simply have to create an account with us as a client. We also review our employers within 2 business days and once the client account is confirmed, we offer the freedom of either posting a job directly or speaking to one of our talent specialists to find the most appropriate talent on our platform.

If employers choose to post a job directly we guarantee proposals within 24 to 48 hours from relevant experts who can be freely contacted and engaged through our platform.

If companies require a quicker more tailored process we suggesting contacting our talent experts who analyze project needs and requirements and handpick the most relevant experts for the clients.

Our experts

Our platform offers the services of professionals  from diverse backgrounds and our experts are largely divided into 4 categories: advisors and consultants, project managers, growth strategists and IT developers. We require all of professionals to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in their respective fields. However, we are confident to say most our experts have decades of experience in their fields of profession.

Creating our Features and services

Apart from the obvious benefits of freelancing platforms we understand that organisations are looking for simple, cost effective, modified services that give them a guarantee of high quality work with the freedom of choice.

Hence, we are consistently improving our platform to complement the talent strategies of different organisations. This is the one of the biggest reasons why we provide personalised services using our team of talent specialists.

We kept the entire process of hiring, engaging and successfully conducting business when creating our platform. We offer different structures of payment and experts and employers decide wether to conduct their transactions at a daily rate or set fixed prices for projects. ConsultXperts uses the Escrow system where all payments are held and only released to the relevant expert upon confirmation from the employer that the services have been satisfactorily delivered.

Keeping the right values in mind

A core value of our platform is offering and promoting inclusion and diversity through remote, freelance work opportunities.  In one of our previous blogs Remote Work Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplacewe have discussed that the increasing popularity of remote work, especially ‘working from home’ trends, has numerous benefits for employers, employees, and society. Remote work can increase the inclusivity of workplaces by removing geographical barriers to employment and creating more career opportunities for those who otherwise feel excluded. Keeping this in mind all our experts are solely accessed based on their experiences, skills and qualifications.

As our platform moves forward we hope to create better inclusivity initiatives, create more open and safe work environments and offer a more rational and unbiased method of collaborating and working.

As a business we also wish to cultivate long term personal relationships with our clients assisting them to prepare for the future of work. We understand the need of rethinking the over all value propositions and helping our clients and experts at all levels of work.

The journey forward

The events of 2020 have accelerated numerous talent trends which were gradually shaping the future of work. Our research and careful examination of the changing trends shows that future success and competitiveness will depend on having access to world-class talent and we look forwards to becoming an important asset and a reliable partner for progressive forward thinking organisations.

We believe that if done correctly, digital platforms like ours can help articulate new businesses models, re-engineered processes, provide quicker more efficient delivery of work and create innovative opportunities of growth not only for businesses but also for adaptable professionals.

Future Talent. Now.


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