Hiring transformation consultants in 2021

Before the events of last year, convincing business leaders regarding transformation initiatives was not easy. The costs and time were two big reasons, but some organizations were simply too resistant to change. However, this has changed drastically because transformation initiatives has become a necessity for businesses to survive, especially when it comes to internal processes and company models. Now, due to the pandemic, companies all over the globe are rapidly looking for ways, ideas and assistance to transform because it has become crucial for businesses to adapt and stay on top, or they will be left behind. Helping companies take advantage of the evolving trends can be done by hiring transformation consultants that work with organizational change management, innovative process design, and disruptive innovation. These consultants can help company owners understand what changes need to be made and how the future might present new challenges for them as they continue to grow.

As companies continue to survive, thrive and grow, they need to be more aware of how their customers are feeling, where they are going, and what they need to do best in order to keep up with the rest of the market leaders. Independent transformation consultants know how important it is for companies and business owners alike to remain competitive and modify current processes to improve their bottom line as much as possible.

Transformation consultants bring many benefits and add a lot of value to businesses. 

Independent transformation consultants add value to businesses in many ways using their expertise and past experiences, the most obvious ones being the extra manpower, the outsider perspectives and constructive industry insight, along with many more.

—An objective point of view with expert advice backed by valuable data and experience. 

A primary benefit of hiring independent transformation consultants is that they can look at the internal processes of a company with a clear mindset and give insightful, objective, and unbiased evaluations. Them being outsiders remove issues like emotional attachments and involvement in company politics. During the pandemic, many organizations have realized that there can be a lot of resistance to change even when it is necessary. This is primarily due to the embedded culture and practices of an organization. Business operations can be extremely difficult to alter, especially if they have been the same for a long time.

Through their fresh perspective, transformation consultants can look at the minor details which are missed by others and advise leaders, executives, and the management teams on the best course of action to swiftly change business processes and everyday activities. Moreover, due to their vast and diverse experiences, they also bring data-driven insights like statistics about customer behaviors or returns on investment for specific tasks already in place within companies.

—Strategy before technology 

Integration of technology and the digital aspect of transformation has become a necessity due to the global lockdowns. Digital platforms for better communication and collaborations are vital for businesses all over the world. However, it is critical to understand that strategizing comes before the technology to pave the right plant of action. According to Harvard Business Review, 70% of all digital transformations fail mostly because of the resistance and complications caused by employees. Transformation consultants can help choose the right platforms while streamlining operations and processes because they start by assessing the issues and the risks involved. Experienced independent consultants can also articulate a transition strategy personalized for their employers. They can also recommend creative ways to adjust plans and reduce internal resistance using performance assessments and evaluation metrics.

—Training opportunities for the in-house full-time employees and management teams

A remarkable benefit of hiring transformation consultants in 2021 is that they can become an example of the best ways to work independently and remotely. Independent consultants are experts in working by themselves with little to no supervision and work on and off-site with all the different elements of flexibility. They can provide excellent advice on making the best out of employees working entirely or partially from home. A report from Smarp states that 29% of employees think poor communication during remote work is the main reason for low productivity and inadequate project results. Independent consultants can teach companies how to be more productive in the virtual environment and improve communication processes.

Choosing the right Transformation Consultants

Selecting the right transformation consultants and contractors is a tricky and lengthy but necessary process because the venture’s success they will be responsible for depends on the proper selection. There are a few criteria to keep in mind for searching and evaluating the right consultants.

Since consultants add value with their expertise, it is necessary to look for and confirm their set of skills and the experiences they have acquired over the years. It is essential to look at the success of their previous projects. There must also be a clear understanding of their technical expertise, Industry-specific expertise, and process-specific expertise by thoroughly reviewing their CVs. Finally, the best consultants are those who can objectively assess the right processes, technologies, and changes which a company requires to be implemented.

All of these actions are easier said than done because it is expensive and time-consuming to find the right consultants with the right set of skills. On-boarding independent consultants on top of managing a traditional workforce can further complicate processes, and it can be challenging for HR teams to find and bring in the right people for the job.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the stigma and fear attached to hiring independent consultants. Many companies fear that their strategies, data, and procedural competitive advantages might be leaked through these consultants.

This is where digital expert marketplaces like ConsultXperts become helpful. Our platform consistently incorporates the newest search technologies and artificial intelligence to provide a full spectrum of activities. We help companies find the right fits for their projects while taking care of actions like managing the on-boarding procedures, team formations, payroll activities, and even performance feedbacks.

Some examples of transformation services independent consultants/contractors can provide.

Transformation consultants have vast skillsets based on their professional experiences, and they cover all kinds of requirements, whether they be technical advisory, management, growth, or strategy. They can tackle complex business challenges by utilizing technology and innovation.

Depending on their chosen disciplines, they can also assist stakeholders in improving operations to identify key change requirements, perform data analysis and develop technical data solutions to achieve organizational goals. Executives often hire independent contractors to track the progress of their projects, assess and manage risk and deploy required solutions.

Transformation consultants available on ConsutXperts also have experience with supply chain and procurement-related transformations where they helped innovate and deliver value across the supplier and category management functions. There are also machine learning experts and IT experts available who can also help streamline all the technological needs and requirements. The platform also offers services of consultants who have experience designing new products and service offerings, evaluation and conceptualization of innovative technologies, and strategic growth activities.

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