Startup Growth Consultant to help Robotics Solutions company with Capital Raise of $5.5M Project detail

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months

Project detail

We are a Robotic Solutions company that was founded in 2016, that uses evolutionary technology to deliver game-changing solutions and insights. We have developed solutions for Asset Inspections in Oil/Gas, Mining, and Maritime. We are in the process of creating a product that would be an affordable robotic system for the maintenance and inspection of commercial buildings and high-rise developments. We are seeking to raise funds to build out the prototype and for continued development and product expansion plans.

Role: We are seeking a consultant to act as our advisor in the raise of up to $5.5M in seed funding. The ideal consultant will assist with determining our capital raise requirements, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative capital raising strategies. Planning the pre-capital raising business restructuring, reviewing the pitch deck, business plan, identifying, introducing, and negotiating with potential investors, and overseeing the management of due diligence inquiries.

Rate/Duration: 5% Fee/ Duration 3 months

Location: We are Melbourne-based and flexible in location.

Timeline: Oct 2021

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