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Jamid Dewani


Jamid is a driven and results-orientated leader, who’s passionate about technology and innovation and the role it plays in shaping future work. With over 15 years of experience in industry and academic sectors focusing on Business Management specialties. He has broad international experience across the Asia Pacific.

As a business consultant working with SME’s and startups helping them in creating business plans, marketing strategies, and operational strategies.

“It was always my vision to build a platform that will make consultants accessible to businesses for their project needs. As more markets were evolving – the focus shifted from quality talent (or “high-end”) towards quantity in order to get the job done quicker, but as time went by this approach became less helpful than before because businesses are now expecting better results.”

ConsultXperts was founded with the aim of providing businesses with access to top experts and making hiring talent fast and easy.

Inder Singh

Chief Talent Officer

Inder spent over 20 years with IBM in building a sales teams across the globe and then his own growth advisory and consultancy in helping startups and businesses. He saw first-hand the challenges and opportunities faced by clients in growing their own business, whether introducing a new product to the market, branding, and marketing, undergoing digital transformation, raising capital, or expanding beyond their borders.  

He saw the frustrations in the process of finding and hiring the right growth expertise that actually delivered true outcomes, and equally the problems consultants were having in finding new clients. Combined with the changing demographics and flexibility trends in the workplace, these forces had Inder creating an online marketplace to solve this very problem when he met Jamid. 

Mahmud Alam


Mahmud is the operational glue at ConsultXperts in improving the efficiencies and processes for employers and experts from onboarding through to invoice. He provides the strategic data and insights towards ConsultXperts goals. On a personal note, Mahmud is an active participant within his local community and leads fundraising efforts to assist those that are disadvantaged.

Mahmud started off his career in Robotics Engineering and Computer Science, by working for a small consulting firm developing a technology solution for one of Australia’s largest transportation and logistics companies, Toll. That brought him to working in automotive manufacturing with Ford spanning over 15 years in delivering complex projects to improve operations across Finance, Sales, Marketing, and IT.  Mahmud pivoted his career in forming a construction startup, and also as an education consultant, in creating and delivering a curriculum on project management.

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