Our Screening Process And Tips For Virtual Meetings.

Our Screening Process

Our extensive vetting process usually takes up to 45 hours. We recommend all applicants to provide as much professional information as possible in their profiles. This makes it easier for us to conduct our screening process, contact your provided referees and authenticate all the information. 

We also contact every applicant, so once you have completed your profile, please expect a call from us for a quick chat. 

Once we complete the screening process, your profile goes live for clients to review and offer projects. We also encourage all experts to Browse the platform for new projects that suit your expertise and schedule. We’ll even send you a shortlist of the most relevant projects that match your skillset. 

You have the options to:

  • Explore projects or wait for our matching technology to find the right opportunities for you. Apply directly over the platform.
  • Agree to the scope and terms. Communicate via instant messaging to agree on the scope of your work and contract.

When you accept a job, you are likely to have an introduction session and regular ongoing meetings with the client. We offer a few tips to make sure you succeed in this meeting and create a professional image in front of your employer.

Tips for Conducting Meetings with your Clients After Being Offered The Project

Usually, introductory sessions and regular meetings with a client can take numerous forms, such as face-to-face, video calls, or over the phone conversations. However, due to the remote nature of most jobs and the current COVID 19 situation, video meetings through online platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts Meet are becoming more and more preferable. 

Prospective Clients can also choose to approach you through the platform via the messaging system. If and when experts are requested to engage with their clients through video calls, Consult Xperts highly recommends the following tips;

  • Be well dressed and look professional 
  • Set up your background to look neutral and business-like to avoid distractions. 
  • Always have good lightings that clearly shows your face and makes you look professional
  • Conduct the meeting in a quiet and private space 
  • Always check your internet connection and test your video conferencing software to avoid any technical issues. 
  • Mute your side of the call when you are not speaking as your microphone can pick up background noises. 
  • Focus on visual cues to know when its time for you to speak (Platforms like Zoom offer virtual “raise hand” and other features which can be used to avoid interruptions)
  • Learn how to navigate the platforms being used for the meeting beforehand. (Features such as screen sharing are useful during project discussions)
  • Always stay focused and attentive and try to fully engage during the conversation.

Good Luck


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