Important Aspects of Conducting Remote Interviews

Virtual interviews have become a necessity for businesses, and due to COVID19, hiring managers and recruiters must improve their ability to evaluate and select the right candidates for jobs through the virtual space. Most company managers participate in online meetings; however, not everyone has the relevant skills to conduct video interviews. 

For a company to thrive and succeed in the competitive business environment where everyone is searching for top talent, having a well established interviewing process is crucial. Furthermore, the events of 2020 have made it equally important for companies to develop a comprehensive virtual interviewing strategy, as 86% of recruiters are using video interviews for hiring purposes. 

There are a number of tasks that should be kept in mind an improved upon to create and implement a successful hiring process. 

1. Reevaluating the interviewing process

The foundational step for creating a cohesive remote interview experience that leads to the successful hiring of the best candidates available for a business is to review the company’s current interviewing process. 

Hiring managers are well aware that interviewing is all about collecting as much relevant information about the prospective candidates as possible. They examine the necessary skills, values, and cultural fit to carry out the job requirements of the interviewees. Hence, it is crucial to evaluate the structure and effectiveness of the ongoing interview process. This gives the managers a chance to make necessary changes and improve the process when it is integrated into the virtual space. 

2. Work out all the technological aspects. 

No matter which online tool is utilized to conduct interviews, it is always recommended that who ever is responsible for shortlisting candidates must select the medium and conduct technical trials. Platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts can be used to host interviews, but it is vital to analyze the company’s needs and look for online interviewing tools that provide proper functionalities for an efficient recruitment process. Looking at elements such as integrating interview software with the company’s ATS and mobile compatibility can be extremely beneficial to run uninterrupted and successful meetings. 

3. Inform the Candidates 

It is essential to inform the prospective interviewees about the platforms being used for the meeting. Although most experts participating in an interview are aware of the technicalities, it is always helpful to write them an email and let them know what is expected of them. Reminding the interviewees about the small aspects of the meeting, such as a good wifi connection and familiarization of the platform being used, always comes in handy. 

4. Pay attention to detail. 

This step is helpful for both recruiters and the shortlisted candidates. Regardless of the fact that you are meeting someone over a computer screen, both parties should keep in mind that it is still a professional interview. Everyone involved must be well dressed and look professional. Remembering the proper etiquettes of a remote interview such as turning-off alerts, notifications and chats, and minimizing any form of distractions is extremely important. Conducting the interview in a quiet and business-like environment with a neutral background is also essential, and the importance of good lighting cannot be stressed enough. 

5. Creating a process for team interviews.

A cohesive remote interviewing process depends on innovative means of creating an interactive virtual space. Innovative businesses ensure that prospective candidates interact with multiple people during the interview. The interviewees may also want to communicate with their potential colleagues; therefore, having a standard well-planned procedure to make this possible is crucial. Make sure everyone who is part of the interview is aware of the time slots, and if a few different video calls are to be conducted, ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done. 

Most specialized freelancing platforms already conduct interviews and run background checks. So, when companies require experienced experts, they do not have to waste their time and effort on shortlisting candidates and going through the trouble of selecting the right person for the job. 

Consult Xperts has an extensive, scalable remote candidate interviewing and screening process to ensure all candidates hired through the platform are vetted and well experienced. This comprehensive process is in place to assist fellow businesses and clients to hire the best available talent in the market in a few simple and easy steps.  

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