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It’s simple to post a job on ConsultXperts.

Describe your project, provide as many details as possible to attract the most relevant talent, or tell us about your requirements, we will help you to find the best expert.

Step 1 - Post job brief
Step 2 - Engage your expert

Select an Expert

ConsultXperts provides complete freedom of communication so you can directly review, select and invite experts on our platform to apply for your projects. 

Live Expert Profiles: View up-to-date qualifications, skills, and experiences of our experts

Real-time Ratings: Compare Experts on their performance and client reviews


Our platform allows you to connect and schedule interviews with your chosen experts quickly. We also offer complete transparency and advice you to manage all negotiations and contracting directly through ConsultXperts platform.

Access full support at all times: Contact our talent specialists to assist you in managing, reviewing, and overseeing your projects with peace of mind.

Use ConsultXperts to find and manage a team of Experts.

Step 3 - Manage your experts
Step 4 - Pay and review your expert

Get Work Done

We take care of all the invoicing and payment processes so you and your expert can focus on achieving great results. 

Pay how you want. Decide to pay on a daily rate or set a fixed price for the project. 

Pay when you are satisfied. Pay safely using our Milestone Payment system – release payments according to a schedule of goals you set, or pay only upon completion. You are in control, so you get to make decisions.

Leave feedback and reviews. After completing the project, share your experience and rate your Expert.

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