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Our Screening Process: We have a dedicated team of Talent Specialists who reviews the information you provide when you create your profile.

Our vetting process usually takes up to 48 hours, and we screen candidates for their work backgrounds, years of experience, communication skills, personality, domain-specific knowledge, and a high level of professionalism.

We will inform you once the screening process is complete via email, and your profile will go live on the platform.

Build your Profile

Your profile acts as your digital resume representing your work history, skills, and past successes to prospective clients. 

We require all the relevant information we ask for to go through the screening process and to ensure only the best talent is accepted on our platform.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest freelancing trends and news, access our Expert Resources

Find Work

Explore our platform for new projects that suit your expertise, schedules, and preferences. We will also send you a shortlist of the most relevant projects that match your skill sets. 

Real-time Matching. When our platform identifies relevant opportunities, you’ll be the first to get notified. 

Decide the scope and terms of each project. ConsultXperts allows instant messaging so you can directly discuss and agree to the scope of your work and contract with the clients. 

Step 4 - Pay and review your expert


Our platform will facilitate all payments. 

Manage Invoicing: Seamlessly create invoices, keep a record of all your payments and completed projects through your profile’s dashboard.

Rate your work experience: Give feedback to the clients about the projects you have completed.

Get Paid. You can receive payments through various methods, and our Accounts Team is here to help.

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