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Is your business growing? Or do you want it to grow? I am experienced in ensuring sustainable growth plans are in place with simple systems to manage all your growing pains and help you achieve your dreams.

With over 15 years of experience in various roles and organisations, I have broad experience in a variety of disciplines, such as strategy, organisation development, cultural change, HR, marketing, finance, tax, risk management, compliance and quality, and more recently Information Systems Security.  Over the past 12 years I have proudly developed and lead strategic and operational planning frameworks and built engaging and customer-centric cultures.

Is your business growing? Or do you want it to grow?  I am experienced in ensuring sustainable growth plans are in place with simple systems to manage all your growing pains to achieve your dreams, not your nightmare.



  •  OMC International Pty Ltd (Maritime Engineering)
  •  May 2015 - Present

Overall responsibility for the Corporate Services of the organization which includes, HR and Culture, Finance, Quality (ISO9001), Risk Management, Legal and Corporate Compliance including Privacy. Responsible for the overall strategic planning of the organization, bringing cross-functional departments together to reduce silos and achieve optimal results. Mentor for the senior management team in leadership and people management.


-Achieved Growth and Profit targets
-Achieved 100% corporate and tax compliance (local and international) Achieved ISO9001 & 27001 full compliance (audits)
-Achieved high customer and staff satisfaction and engagement (surveys)

-Lead the entire organization’s strategic planning to support the company vision resulting in significant sustainable company growth in both revenue and staff whilst hitting profit targets, increasing customer loyalty, and employee engagement.

-Developed KPI’s for the Executive Management Team to provide clear direction and align roles with the company vision.

-Developed cross-organizational goals to optimize team alignment and reduce the isolation of departments.

-Provided strong leadership with clear direction, purpose, and a dedication to staff development and aligning roles with people’s motivation.

-Developed and implemented Wellness programs and HRIS systems to streamline and improve the employee experience.

This has all resulted in a culture of motivated and engaged employees, continuous improvement, innovation, happy customers, and optimized financial results.


  •  OMC International Pty Ltd (Maritime Engineering)
  •  May 2007 - May 2015

Responsible for the Culture, HR policy and procedure management; overall finance and accounting and Marketing. Driver of strategic business planning, people management, OHS and Quality. Mentor for managers in people and business management.


-Developed and implemented a business planning structure

-Designed a long term vision for Board approval

-Successfully lead entire organization planning to support the company vision

-Identified needs and designed key roles required to meet the company vision

-Developed KPI’s for key roles in the organization

-Developed a complete HR policy and procedure manual

-Designed and implemented financial controlling policies and procedures

-Identified requirements and implemented procedures to comply with international tax in line with global business growth

-Developed website to enhance branding in line with company growth and emerging international target markets


  •  Hewlett Packard Australia Pty Ltd (HPA)
  •  Feb 2000 - Dec 2005


-Management of a 5-year business plan involving international loans and dividend payouts resulting in a saving of $13m

Project management

-GST: Successfully project managed a team of Business Managers and Business Analysts to ensure all systems and processes through HPA were compliant with the new GST tax regime with minimal impact on customers.

-FBT: Successfully project managed the implementation of “reportable benefits” on group certificates.
Consolidation – Successfully project managed the transition to the new Consolidation Tax Regime.

-Sales Tax Refund: completed a $3m Sales Tax Refund on behalf of our customers. Consulting as the Tax Specialist
-New business scenario planning.
-Mergers and acquisitions

-Compliance and awareness


  •  Camvex Surveillance Cameras
  •  Mar 2006 - May 2007

Responsible for the success of the business in all areas.


-The design and implementation of a customized Accounting and CRM package. Improved fundamental accounting processes resulting in more manageable cash flow and accurate reporting for analysis and planning.

-Establishment of HR policies and procedures for performance/salary reviews and improved staff retention.

-Improved staff morale and motivation by introducing delegation, empowerment, and communication through regular feedback sessions and formal performance evaluations based on clear job descriptions and measures.

-The development of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs)


  •  Hewlett Packard Australia Pty Ltd
  •  Feb 1997 - Jan 2000


-Customer Focus: Lead a team that developed and implemented a new customer focus system for the finance department to collect, track, analyze and act on customer feedback.

-Process Improvement: Developed a Value Delivery system for each group and documented and improved each function’s processes.

These systems were both adopted by the whole Asia Pacific Region as best practice.


Diploma of Management

  •   - Jul 2015

Diploma of HR

  •  Swinburne University, Melbourne
  •   - Jul 2014

Bachelor of Commerce ( Accounting and Marketing)

  •  Deakin University, Melbourne
  •   - Jul 1999

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