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Accounting professional wanting to develop a career foundation with expanding operation

Accounting professional wanting to develop a career foundation with expanding operation. Dedicated to keeping records accurate and controls tight to meet all business needs. Systematic and well-organized with strong attention to detail. Personable with a dedication to exceeding goals, modernizing systems and closely managing Invoices, Emails, and other documentation. Knowledgeable about XERO, MYOB, and QuickBooks with a commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and modernization. The distinguished history of excellent and meticulous bookkeeping.


Company Accountant

  •  Tex at Site
  •  Mar 2020 - Present

o prepare and lodge BAS/IAS and prepare consolidated reports.
• To prepare Monthly GST Reports
• To prepare Quarterly and End of Month Management Reports (ie, Budgets, Variance Reporting, etc)
• End of Month Adjustments and Journals
• To prepare of Financial Reports ie, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, etc
• Processing of Payroll (upto 45 employees)
• Management of payroll obligations (ie, Superannuation, STP, PAYG Payment Summaries, Payroll Tax Payments
• Daily accounting tasks including tracking funds, preparing deposits and reconciling accounts.
• Reconciliation of cash and credit payments daily.
• Worked with 3rd party facility (Invoice Financiers to bring in Cash flow for the business and maintain the same
• To Manage all Accounts Payables and Receivables (invoicing and Purchase orders)
• Liaising with Sales team, financial institutions and customer for Sales Analysis Reporting, fund management.
• Worked in daily reconciling Receivables with Invoice financiers reporting system
• Directly dealt with client and their queries regarding pricing and invoicing
• Processed Credit Cards and Amex cards on daily basis
• Provided Training and Resolved queries for assistants
• Management of Workcover insurance for All states
• ASIC renewals and compliance

Assistant Accountant

  •  Mann Travel Pty Ltd
  •  Jan 2018 - Mar 2020

Management of Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
• Invoicing/Billing
• Expense Claims
• Maintain Petty Cash
• Bank Reconciliations
• Stock/Inventory Control
• Processing of Payroll
• Management of payroll obligations (ie, Superannuation, , Child Support, PAYG Payment Summaries, Employee
Deductions, etc)
• BAS Reporting and Lodgement
• Preparations of Financial Reports (ie, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, etc)
• End of Month Adjustments and Journals
• End of Month Management Reporting (ie, Budgets, Variance Reporting, etc)
• Fixed Assets Management
• Maintain Chart of Accounts
• Liaise with Accountants and clients
• Preform standard administration duties
• Worked on AMEX portals, Wordplay and CRMS and Xero
Accounting Bookkeeper, 09/2017 to 01/2018
Doug Constable Group (Part Time) – Camberwell, VIC
• Reorganized accounts payable processes, decreasing supplier payment delays from 50 to 15 days
• Verified and submitted timekeeping information for accurate and efficient payroll processing
• Matched purchase orders with invoices and recorded necessary information
• Completed accurate daily Invoice documents, reports and invoices
• Utilized Xero and Quickbooks and Receipt Banks to analyze, store and record company financial information
• Completed bi-weekly payroll for company employees, including calculating taxes, vacation and sick time
• Generated invoices upon receipt of billing information and tracked collection progress
• Worked with senior accounting staff to prepare financial documents and reports such as bills and invoices, year-
end analysis, budgets, financial records and financial statements.
• Reviewed and processed client payments, including electronic payments and check deposits.
• Maintained and processed invoices, deposits and money logs.
• Communicated with customers to identify and resolve outstanding payments
• Reviewed Emails, messages and invoices documents to collect, verify and document data



  •  Holmes College, Melbourne
  •  Mar 2018 - Jun 2020

Master of Accounting and Administration


  •  University Of Mumbai
  •  Jun 2010 - Jun 2013

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

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