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Joining Consult Xperts platform as an Expert or as a Client is free. There are no costs involved in posting a project work or to submit expressions of interest to work on posted projects.The cost to deliver projects depends on the time and complexity of work, the Client's budget and Experts' market rates. The Client can discuss project requirements with the Expert and come to an agreement on various aspects of the project work, including their proposed budget pricing, scope of work and deliverables alongside the timeframe for each project. At Consult Xperts, our team can assist Clients by providing expert advice and guidance on project costs based on project types required by the Client.

Employers - Consult Xperts charges 3% to employers on top of an Expert's rates. Amounts invoiced for expense reimbursements are not subject to the Consult Xperts charges.

Experts - Consult Xperts charges a base rate of 20% to the Experts, which will be deducted from the amount experts charge to the employers Fees & Payments

Invoicing & Payments Process​

Pricing and payment timeframes/milestones are agreed and formalised in a contract on the Consult Xperts platform before work begins. The Client and Expert will agree whether payments will be made on a variable basis (monthly, weekly, daily or hourly) or on a fixed basis (based on deliverables and payments linked to milestones).

Pricing and payment timeframes/milestones are agreed and formalised in a contract on the Consult Xperts platform before work begins. Both parties (Employer and Expert) will agree and decide on payment, that is whether it will be on a fixed basis (payments are made based on achievement of milestones and project deliverables) or on a variable basis (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly).

Disputes around quality of work​

Employers should let the Expert and our team know if project delivery is not as per the expectations. Experts are responsible for ensuring that Employers expectations are met in their delivery of Services.

Payment Methods​

Client payments can be made through a number of mechanisms such as bank transfers or credit cards. Credit card payments are powered by Stripe™ and will attract a 2% processing fee. Our system utilizes industry-leading security measures, so you can feel comfortable that the payment is secure. Clients receive a confirmation and receipt for transactions and records of transactions can be found on the client dashboard.

Experts in Australia can be paid by direct bank deposit or PayPal. Experts outside Australia are paid by Bank transfer, Payoneer, or Paypal.

Experts will incur PayPal fees for payments received via PayPal.

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