Fees & Payments


Joining ConsultXperts is free for both Experts and Employers and there are no costs involved in posting a project or submitting an expression of interest to work on projects.
The overall delivery costs of projects depend on 3 components
- The time and complexity of work
- The Employer's budget
- The Experts' market rates
We allow experts and employers to discuss project requirements directly and agree upon various aspects of the project work, including their proposed budget pricing, the scope of work, and deliverables alongside the project timeframe.

If more assistance is required, our team can assist Employers by providing advice and guidance on project costs based on project types.

Our Invoicing & Payments Process

Contracts: The payment timeframes, milestones and the overall pricing for each project are formalized in a contract on the ConsultXperts platform before work begins.
Freedom of payment choice : We give complete anatomy to the experts and the employers to decide how payments are to be made.

We allow payment on :
- Variable basis: monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly
- Fixed basis: Either based on deliverables or relating to payments linked to milestones.

Dispute Resolution

In the rare cases when the Employer and an expert cannot agree over whether the Job is adequately finished and should be paid for or not. Employers should let the Expert and our team know promptly.


Employers can make payments via Direct Bank Deposits and Credit cards. Credit card payments are powered by Stripe and will attract a 2% processing fee.
Experts in Australia can be paid by direct bank deposit or PayPal. Experts outside Australia are paid by Bank transfer, Payoneer, or Paypal.

Experts will incur PayPal fees for payments received via PayPal.

Our Payment Safety and Security measures

Our system utilizes industry-leading security measures, so you can rest assured that the payment process is secure. In addition, employers receive a confirmation notification along with a receipt for transactions.
Records of transactions can be found on the client dashboard.

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