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Software Engineer | Application Development Senior Analyst

Experienced Software Engineer specialized in Web Development with passion in creating innovative programs that boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ applications. Well-versed in developing robust codes for large scale business frameworks that are reliable and user-friendly. Holds leadership skills and proven ability to motivate, educate, and manage a team of professionals to build software applications efficiently.


Software Engineer

  •  Furo
  •  Nov 2020 - Present

Project: Furo-Insights
Location: Melbourne

• Creates UI pages and components using React
• Configures quality gates for linting front-end codes
• Involved in Design Decisions regarding the UI/UX of the application
• Worked with functional components and Higher order components
• Creates cloud functions using GCP

Project: GH Security Framework
Location: Melbourne

• Build Audit, Compliance and Remediation Framework components for security compliance.
• Configure CI pipeline for quality checks
• Involved in Design Decisions of the overall security framework
• Creates cloud functions using GCP

Application Development Senior Analyst

  •  Accenture, Inc.
  •  Jul 2019 - Feb 2020

Sep. 2019 – Feb. 2020
Position/Role: Software Engineering Senior Analyst / Application Development Senior Analyst

Project: TFO - Enterprise Architecture - Groove
Location: Philippines

• Completed more than 15 React Components and Storybook pages to be used across all web applications in TFO.
• Completed code reviews of at least 70% of the merged codes developed by Groove Developers.
• Authored the Standards for writing Stories of each component.
• Managed all rules for code quality used in TFO-Groove.
• Key resource in storybook configuration for component presentation.
Jul. 2019 – Sep. 2019
Position/Role: Software Engineering Senior Analyst / Application Development Senior Analyst

Project: CCT SF - Common GPH - Build
Location: Philippines

• Completed all Design Documents for the Input Validation Framework and Unit Testing Framework.
• One of the key resources involved in Technology Architecture Design during the re-evaluation of the existing framework.
• Authored the guidelines and best practices for the Input Validation Framework and Unit Testing Framework.
• Completed 2 component design and framework prototypes for the application.
• Development Lead of GPH-Core Enhancement Team who completes code reviews, code quality initiative, and create coding standards aside from other lead roles such as managing and mentoring resources.

Application Development Analyst

  •  Accenture, Inc.
  •  Jul 2017 - Jun 2019

Project: Suez Canal
Location: Philippines

• Successfully lead the front-end (Sitecore Portal) teams of two modules (Sitecore Portal Offshore Lead for ICM and Common) resulting to an increase in portal team velocity by 70%, thus giving a positive impact on the teams’ timeline.
• Resource enabler by being one of the few developers who can conduct brownbag sessions and knowledge transfers (Sitecore, Project Front-end Framework, and JQuery) to new resources of Front-end team in the project.
• Cleared all sonar issues of (around 300 issues) for SITECORE POR- ICM module repository during the sonar cleanup activity.
• Increased code coverage for SITECORE POR-ICM module repository from 12% to 99% (Passing rate is 85% code coverage).
• Significantly reduced occurrence of project delays by clearing blockers, making correct estimates and adequate planning for Front-end Team.
• Promoted code re-usability by creating common scripts and components for Common Code Maintenance (CCM) Framework and ICM build, resulting in an increase in the team’s velocity and efficiency.
• Represented the Front-end Team, during the design and implementation of the CCM Framework.

Application Development Associate

  •  Accenture, Inc.
  •  Jul 2016 - Jun 2017

Project: 40150 Sitecore Upgrade
Location: Philippines

• ACE Awardee for Value Creator category due to the contribution in increasing the team’s velocity in delivering the assigned tasks in every sprint.
• Cleared 50% more bugs than that of the original target in each sprint.
• Maximized team’s productivity by actively giving brownbag sessions and Knowledge transfer activities, resulting to a quick turn-around time in resolving the target tickets/assignments.
• Became the “go-to” person for the complex tickets due to the
familiarity and level of proficiency with the different functions.
• Worked closely with the deployment team to track and ensure that proper configurations were set for a specific environment.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

  •  Ateneo de Zamboanga University
  •  Jun 2008 - Apr 2013

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