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Business Leader & Operational Strategist | Creative | Design & System Thinking

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• Dedicated and pragmatic business leader with over 13 years of experience supporting businesses to build a strong reputation in the hospitality, FMCG and e-commerce industries across Australia and New Zealand.
• C-suite experiences over the past 8 years, strong track record of incorporating innovation into long-term strategic priorities to drive growth
• Strong commercial awareness and experience leading founding teams to take multiple opportunities off the ground through capital raising and acquisitions.
• Energetic problem-solver fuelled by creativity. Successfully founded a plant-based food service company, as well as a socially conscious QSR brand.
• Unique combination of product commercialisation, supply chain optimisation, branding and business development expertise

Key expertise:
• Executive Business Leader: Product Development, Brand Development and Positioning, Digital Strategy
Marketing & PR, Sales Strategy
• Strategy Professional: Road Mapping, People Management, Sustainable Business Growth, Change Management, Stakeholder Relations
• Operations Consultant: Financial Modelling, Business Development, Operations & Systems Development,
Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Outsourcing


Management Consultant

  •  Feb 2020 - Present

Siara Health improves health outcomes by delivering bespoke digital tools to innovate communication between healthcare providers and patients.


  • Collaborated closely with the CEO and founding teams on strategy, commercialization, and operations
  • Scaled revenue models and product strategy to commercialization
  • Led company rebrand with a refresh and update of all marketing collateral
  • Developed strategy sales roadmap, built and led national Business Development and Sales teams to onboard repeat revenue customers at an average of 150% month-on-month
  • Prepared company for due diligence and led founders through their first capital raise.


  •  Mar 2020 - Present

Laneway Greens is a manufacturer and distributor offering chilled prepped meals through online subscription and FMCG channels.


  • Successfully launched a new at-home meal delivery service to the Greater Melbourne metro area within 6 weeks of COVID-19, with 1000 subscribers within 2 weeks of launch.
  • Led Sales and Business Development functions to expand channels to independent grocers and supermarket chains including IGA, Metcash, and BP with a multi-million dollar pipeline in place
  • Led the Market Analysis and NPD of wholefood prepped chilled meals (FMCG) into the Victorian market achieving 70% month-on-month growth.
  • Led the rebrand and repositioning of the brand to align with shifting consumer demographics.
  • Transitioned company to an E-commerce (DTC) and Wholesale (B2B) model
  • Successfully led 2 further rounds of capital raising to expand the team and operation


  •  Mar 2019 - Mar 2020


  • Led the redesign and supply chains architecture operations of the group. Improving the CoG of the group by 7%
  • Menu engineering updates tied in with redesign for ergonomic efficiencies. Improving wage cost by 8%
  • Audit of all trading years and tidy up of group structure which had beneficial savings north of $1m
  • Overcame operational complexities of moving from a single to multi-site group
  • Responsible for 6 direct reports and 60 non direct reports and led the change management upon acquisition.
  • Successfully led 2 rounds of capital raising.


  •  Dec 2017 - Mar 2019

A plant-based food service company with a mission to meet the demands of the tourism market in New Zealand.


  • Led design and construction of a plant-based eatery concept at the Queenstown International Airport with a focus on generating brand awareness
  • Implemented growth strategy, achieved 40% MoM growth and multi-million dollar revenue in the first year
  • Oversaw B2B sales strategy and achieved acquisition by our largest customer within the first 16 months
  • Responsible for NPD, product strategy and brand development
  • Responsible for partnerships strategy, implemented a direct-to-consumer distribution and logistics model.
  • Led 6 direct reports & 24 non direct reports.


  •   REHAB
  •  Nov 2013 - Mar 2019

A healthy and socially conscious QSR brand launched in Queenstown to serve a gap in the market to support the emergence of outdoor activity-based tourism boom.


  • Successfully scaled group to three sites and facilitated sale to an incoming hospitality group.

Business Strategist – Consulting

  •  Nov 2013 - Apr 2014

NAKD offers one of the softest artesian waters in the world, rich in minerals which are revitalizing for the skin.


  • Consulted the CEO/Co-Founder on business strategy, BPO, NPD, roadmapping, supply chain outsourcing and operational development.

Group General Manager

  •  Mar 2011 - Apr 2013


  • Responsible for delivery and performance of all venues involving bars, restaurants, and tourism experiences.
  • Oversaw 12 direct reports, 150 indirect reports and achieved 75% YoY improvement in staff retention
  • Provided strategic business support to the executive team and successfully led an exit to a larger group

Head of Operations and Project Development

  •  May 2010 - Mar 2012


  • Evaluated acquisitions and responsible for all re-development of venues, concept development and delivery.
  • Developed strong partnerships with international and national tourism groups, increased sales volume by 120%.
  • Developing road maps and overseeing implementation of technology solutions

Operations Manager

  •  Apr 2009 - Mar 2010


  • Led team of 8 direct and 80+ non-direct reports in strategic development and execution of operational initiatives
  • Strengthened future growth prospects by embedding cloud-based management systems to provide management with hourly and daily data, realized savings of 60 hours per venue and 40 hours at HQ in the first year
  • Transformed organizational culture into a team of accountable decision-makers.


Diploma of Applied Horticulture and Horticultural Business Services

  •  Otago Polytechnic
  •  Jan 2013 - Dec 2014

Bachelor of Science – BS Electrical Engineering

  •  University of Strathclyde
  •  Jan 2003 - Dec 2006

SVQ Level 4 – Electrical Engineering, HMNB Clyde

  •  Faslane Naval Base
  •  Jan 2002 - Dec 2006

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