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Member since October 3, 2020

Business Advisor

Future Focused Non Executive Director | Advisory Board Member | Retail Specialist | Leadership Business Mentor | Private Investor

Michael Wittner Advisory Services was established with the goal of sharing my experience, skills and expertise in business management.

The services include;
– Executive coaching
– Strategic Board Advice
– Advisory Board establishment
– Corporate governance
– Supply chain and supply sourcing advice
– AI Retail merchandising advice
– Footwear design and manufacturing advice
– Retail and digital Strategic advice
– CEO mentoring
– Future retail and robotics strategy
– Succession and Family Business
– M&A and capital raising advice

Business Advisor | Executive Leadership | Executive Advice | CEO Mentor | Non-Executive Director | Strategic Board Advisory Services | Succession Planning | Executive Coaching | Private Investment | Capital Raising | Mergers & Acquisitions





  •  Wittner Shoes
  •  Feb 2018 - Present

Executive Chairman of the Wittner Group of companies


  •  Wittner International Pty Ltd
  •  Mar 2014 - Present

CEO of international operations including CEO of W Couture, a Hong Kong Trading company and its representative office in China.


  •  Wittner's Australia Pty Ltd
  •  Aug 1995 - Mar 2014

Co-CEO responsible for marketing and product.

Product Director

  •  Wittner Shoes
  •  Jan 1990 - Mar 2014


Bachelor of Marketing

  •  Caulfield Institute
  •  Feb 1979 - Oct 1983

Major in Retail

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