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My name is Maximiliano, graduated from the University of Southern California in 1980. I have been working in the oil industry for the past 35 years. In that period I collaborated to save thousands of dollars by accomplishing all the targets the companies set within the due time frame.

Last 15 years I worked as a field development specialist which focuses on optimization of the production potential of the wells assigned to certain areas of the Burgan field which target had to increase from 1.2 MMbopd to 1.8 MMbopd. I trained over 200 young engineers in all aspects of the oil industry.

I dedicated the last 5 years to improve my skills in programming because I had to make my own web page and decided to continue learning and helping other small companies. Additionally, I continue teaching English as a second language, math, and new programming skills, marketing, and web development.

Expertise includes development exploitation strategies plans to improve the production rate and recovery from mature fields, of oil and gas, heavy oil, and naturally fractured reservoir; designing, evaluating, and optimizing improved/enhanced oil recovery projects, waterflooding in naturally fractured reservoirs, WAG. In the knowledge community, lead the formulation of mentoring and training program for reservoir engineering professionals with the objective of continuously improving their competencies.



  •  Jan 2016 - Present

Collaborated with clients to help them find solutions generating and designing web pages, digital marketing, coaching and consulting, content creation, and virtual assistant as well as blogging.

Consulted clients on how to be present in social media in order to increase sales.

Advise clients of small companies to be aware of web designing and the optimum use of different web hosting, in order to save money.

Tutor in English and Mathematics (algebra and calculus) thru Skype. Active in teaching/learning HTML, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap,

Jquery to people who want to keep learning in free time so they get a better job.

Consulting in Kuwait

  •  Petrozan
  •  Nov 2015 - Feb 2016

Responsible for designing of polymer injection plan and volume of injection per well (EOR)      in high water producers in Burgan field to reduce the water production by 15% and increase the oil production by the same amount. Generated and design an exploitation plan with different stages from the exploration stage to the development stage for the Libyan Government.

Design a web page for a group of consultants who wanted to continue giving services to the oil industry.

Senior Reservoir Engineer Field Development

  •  Kuwait Oil Company
  •  Feb 2006 - Nov 2015

Championed a field development plans by Gathering Center using the remaining oil columns maps, production behavior profiles and reservoir pressure maps to improve field performance to increase the production potential from 1.2 MMbops to 1.7 MM bopd by increasing the productivity of new wells, increased rigless jobs as well as workovers and optimized the artificial lift candidates.

Collaborated in the design of a Digital Field pilot project in Gathering Center 01 in greater Burgan Field, which was the first of its kind in Kuwait the main objective.  With this technology, the downtime of the gathering center was reduced to 98%, and the byproduct was an increase in oil production of 10% .

Responsible to follow up on a water injection pilot project in Wara reservoir which is linked to our GC, our responsibility is to plan the surveillance data to be taken in the year to monitor the water injectors, ESP producers and the information wells.

Responsible for mentoring young Kuwaiti engineers, as well as senior expats (two expats) coming to Field Development South in all aspect of reservoir engineering and the software related to it. The responsibility includes the mentoring of students from Kuwaiti university. I design the training plan and help them accomplish their goals.


Supervises work and prepare detailed technical reports for management on fields development plans.


Leads plans for follow up to ensure the added values of new drilling based on the optimum number, location and trajectories.

Apply the best reservoir management practices and identify the best practices to be shared with other departments in the company to order to learn from the experiences.

Participates in all technical milestone meetings with shareholders and OPCOs in order to update management with solution on the key issues for approval of development plans and strategic objectives.

Generated a sector model from the main static model, to be used as a planning tool for one area of 500000 bpd. The sector evaluated the effect of highly productive wells on a reservoir in terms of pressure, GOR, the advancement of the OWC, scale problems. Additionally, it evaluated the effect of reducing the well spacing in the shaly reservoir and the effect of water injection in the reservoir where the pressure drops below the bubble point.

Reservoir Engineer

  •  PDVSA
  •  Jan 1981 - Oct 2005

Experienced in construction, history-matching, mechanistic, and full-field reservoir simulation. Also, experience in the evaluation and implementation of new technologies. Define and optimize subsurface development scenarios and provide input to facilities design. Assessed the effectiveness of existing tools, procedures and work processes and identified areas for improvement to increase work efficiencies. Responsible for the multidisciplinary integrated study of La Paz Field, the largest naturally fractured (carbonate and basement) field in Venezuela in conjunction with Beicip Franlab using Athos software to evaluate its reserves and the water injection project going on. Also responsible for the integrated study of the West Mara field is a naturally fractured carbonate reservoir. Experience also includes project management and budgeting. Responsible for the evaluation of property acquisitions of marginal fields, exploratory prospects: Guarani, Deep Cretaceous and San Ramon gas field in the Maracaibo basin.

Production Engineer (1981-1986)

Provided proposals for the installation of artificial lift to wells to increase production from existing wells, to ensure the optimum well performance. Provided programmes for well completions, well tests, PLT, RFT, PVT surveys. Carried out analysis of technical data and studies, including well tests, production performance, PLT, RFT, PVT data and assisted with reservoir modeling and simulation. Modeling, interpretation of well test data using numerical test analysis software. Assisted in planning annual work programme and ensured it is implemented within budget to meet schedules. Assisted in development and planning of production enhancement strategies, like reviewing well data to find suitable candidates for increasing production by stimulation, perforating or artificial lift. Provided production forecasts and assisted in preparation of and updates field developments plans as required. Experience with industry-standard software packages for Nodal analysis and pressure transient analysis. Modeling wellbore dynamics and forecasting wellhead deliverability under various scenarios. Pressure transient analysis. Analysis of reservoir displacement efficiency from well performance.


BS in petroleum engineering

  •  University of southern california
  •  Aug 1975 - Sep 1980

I got a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering

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