Guidelines for interacting on ConsultXperts

Applying for jobs and projects

We encourage all our experts to carefully go through the project briefs provided by clients before applying for the job. We request all our experts to provide the best quality work that represents their experience and skills. The quality of delivered work will impact your ability to gain more projects. 

We also recommend all our experts to be active on the platform so they can have access to all available opportunities; we will send you emails to remind you of available projects suited to your expertise. 

High-Quality Applications 

To give all our experts the best chances to get hired, we stress the importance of a complete and up to date profile. When you apply for a project directly through the platform, try to emphasize and highlight the most relevant set of skills and past experiences. Carefully lay out your action plan and always provide the best estimates of your available time. If you plan on contacting the clients directly, always offer a structured and comprehensive approach to deliver the project objectives. 

Always be on time

Time management is a critical skill for all consultants as it shows respect and eagerness to work. If you have planned meetings with clients, always show up time and be fully prepared to have a productive conversation and discuss all aspects of the project. It is always helpful to do your research in advance before a meeting so you can provide valuable insight to the clients. 

Always maintain the highest level of professionalism.

ConsultXperts gives great importance to a professional code of conduct and encourages all its experts to show respect and consideration throughout their contact with a client. Always keep in mind that trust is an essential element of all interactions and transactions.

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