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Jamid Dewani

CEO & Co- founder
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Inder Singh

Chief Talent Officer & Co-founder
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Mahmud Alam

COO & Co-founder

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Our Core Values

As a company built on Trust and Integrity, we are committed to extend this in all relationships with our clients, partners, experts and community.

Diversity and inclusion are those things that make us stronger, together. We uphold people’s differences that allow for a more meaningful experience because it broadens our perspective on different cultures or backgrounds of individuals we come across with every day!

Innovation and Experimentation is in our DNA.  We’re constantly trying new things, from the types of projects we work on to pushing the edge with new technologies.  We learn from our failures and treat feedback as a gift.

We lead by example, where our teams have the flexibility to work from where they want, when they want.  Our priority is outcome based work versus quantity of time spent working. 

We openly share with others across different mediums,  and collaborate on projects, respecting each other’s opinions, and encouraging freedom of thoughts and ideas.  Our door is always open.

Equal opportunity employer

10 cents from every dollar we earn from job posting goes to feed a hungry

We use spare capacity to raise funds for charity

100% Australian Owned

Our Initiatives

Feed those in need

At ConsultXperts we recognise that we have a role to play in the broader world. We have collaborated with charity oranisations to feed anyone in crises. We have pledged to give 10 cents from every dollar we earn from job posting to feed a hungry.

Xpert Volunteer

We connect the nonprofit and charity professionals with our network of consultant experts. It’s a great way for ConsultXperts to give back those in need by leveraging our vast network on Experts.

In-Demand Expertise On-Demand

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