Essential Qualities of Top Freelancers and Consultants

Considering the rapidly growing gig economy, there are millions of freelancers all over the globe. However, only a small portion of them fall into the top talent pool, those who can charge high rates and work on great projects. Successful remote workers think like entrepreneurs who give the best services to their clients, and to do that, there are some essential traits that they possess and rely on. 

Self Motivation and Time Management

First of all, self-motivation is critical for all effective freelancers because their ability to work independently is a quality many businesses rely on. Anyone who plans to thrive as a remote worker must be capable of spacing out work, meet deadlines, and make sure their clients can depend on them. Moreover, many successful remote employees ask for project logistics and deadlines in advance, even before they are ready for work. 

Secondly, everyone knows working from home is not as easy as it looks because being in a comfortable place can lead to procrastination and laziness. Hence, self-disciple and self-motivation, combined with excellent time management, are vital. Experienced remote workers have the natural ability to form a regular routine for themselves, enabling them to work productively from home, without repeated reminders and constant check-ins and emails from their clients. Freelancing is a wonderful job, but it is essential to remember that which such a job comes the responsibility to keep yourself in check and meet all your obligations. 

Innovative and progressive mindset.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest technology trends has become a necessity in almost all professions. As the latest technologies are being incorporated in all aspects of human life, businesses don’t only hire experienced freelancers for temporary projects, but they also wish to learn from them to implement the necessary changes in their workplace. 

Growth-oriented companies rely on accomplished remote workers and consultants to bring a fresh outside perspective into their workplace. It’s not necessary to be an expert in everything, to know all the coding languages, and be a hacker, but the ability to easily navigate through the latest technologies and common online portals is always helpful. Being tech-savvy is generally expected of freelancers considering the digital nature of their work, and asking for a technical task is a common filtering tactic many organizations use in interviews.

The ability to communicate, collaborate, and network. 

Effective communication is arguably the most crucial trait in business professionals and is even more critical for freelancers. To thrive in a remote environment, communication is key because that is what companies rely on. No matter how talented freelancers are, if they are unable to hold a direct, clear, and professional conversation with their clients, chances are they will seem unreliable and will possible lose the opportunity to get the job. The ability to easily communicate through all mediums such as emails, phone calls, video conferences, and remote interviews is critical for a remote worker to succeed. 

Communication skills are also helpful when you are required to work in a team environment. Usually, companies that hire remote workers are responsible for creating a suitable climate for collaborations. However, it is necessary for freelancers to adapt quickly and work effortlessly with others. It can be strenuous to remotely work with a team, so it is essential to establish a common ground from the beginning, clear out all the expectations and understand all the assigned tasks in the group. 

Lastly, it is paramount for freelancers to have excellent networking skills if they wish to thrive and grow in the gig economy. It is essential that all remote workers put in the effort to be a part of online and offline networking opportunities like events and remote conferences. One secret to creating meaningful relations and network with potential clients is through specialized freelancing platforms. They give you the ability to put your profile and your experiences online where businesses can review and access you for future hiring opportunities. Lastly, when all these of the traits mentioned above are put together with resilience and handwork, your work speaks for yourself. Freelancers highly depend on word of mouth and referrals, so always deliver high-quality work, meet deadlines, and create meaningful professional relationships. 

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